Sweet Suicide of Life

those sweet thoughts

give in to all the pressures

and the complicated rituals of man

oh! the ending makes me smile

as if, one day, it will all make sense

and I’ll be free to leave or stay

at the moment I barely cope

pulled along from day to day by time


if I do the same things everyday

then all shall be well for now

at least that’s what I tell myself

as I force my ever weary limbs

from bed to bathroom to sanity

out there is the madhouse

in here under the cocoon of humidity

I can track the many morons far

seize upon their greed and selfishness

and tut at their desperate need

to see themselves reflected back


as for me, it all becomes too much

so I hide between the pages of another life

waiting for an abrupt end of my own making

I come from a long line of melancholia



copyright December 2016





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