30-word stories

Way back in April, Writers Victoria had a group flash fiction project which stretched throughout the whole month. 30 days of 30-word stories to celebrate 30 yrs of being.  Even though none of my stories was picked as story of the day {insert sad face} I was given lots of encouragement from people. I am now sharing my stories with you all.


Here are stories 16-20


April 16th – blunder


Isn’t there a vaccination for it?

For what?

Foot in mouth disease.

Foot and mouth disease?

No. Foot in mouth disease.

Um, no. You will just have to blunder through.


April 17th – tenacity


My thread has nearly worn through.

With each brain snap I unravel a little more.

But still I hang on tight.

My worn out thread is all I now have.


April 18th – precious


I close my eyes.

Watch birds dip and dive.

Platypuses play along the bank.

Fish flirt with dappled light as insects skate on by.

Precious life under concrete and clay.


April 19th – despair


He never loved me, his last child. My voice lost in the cacophony of others.

I am buried alive, waiting to die. They don’t realise, he’ll never pay the ransom.


April 20th – lustre


Her white body glowed with a lustre reflected from the full moon. As she danced around her back garden, chanting incantations to Hecate, the neighbours watched and whispered, “Blessed be!”



Copyright June 2019

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