30-word stories

Way back in April, Writers Victoria had a group flash fiction project which stretched throughout the whole month. 30 days of 30-word stories to celebrate 30 yrs of being.  Even though none of my stories was picked as story of the day {insert sad face} I was given lots of encouragement from people. I am now sharing my stories with you all.


Here are stories 26-30


April 26th – iridescent


Frantic dancing, an iridescent fluttering against the chandelier.

White. Pink. Red. Purple. Blue. Green. White again.

Mustn’t fly too high.


Wax softens in the flames.

And colours crash.

To earth.


April 27th – nacreous


“A word in your shell-like?”

Tentacles ooze around my throne.

As if I, Mother of Pearls, would grant a squid a boon.

“Calamari!” I order.

He dissolves in cloudy ink.


April 28th – treasure


In the crisper, cucumbers aside, under the wilting lettuce, my fingers map the route to the hidden treasure of chocolate teddy bear biscuits.

Off with his head.

He’ll never tell.


April 29th – perfectionism


Each letter I choose has meaning.

Each word I spell has power.

Precise words from my poisoned pen upon the parchment and hey presto, you are gone from my life.


April 30th – pearl


Mum said we will make a fortune. She also said it wouldn’t hurt. She lied. Nine months of agony as my eyes create pearls. Rich, yet blind, a fateful dowry.


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