Questions of Senicide 



Senicide seemed a bit drastic at the time, but when I saw the happy faces of children with full bellies, I was all for it. Old men sucking up food like oxygen. Never enough left for the children. Things needed to change.

After the special poisoned dinner, the bodies were hidden at the very back of the sacred cave. It took us old women many hours to bury them there but we knew there was less chance of them being found. Sacred monster area and no foot traffic.

Life is good now. We told the tribe the old men have gone on a sacred journey, to walk in the steps of the ancestors. They left us after the good luck dinner.  No one has questioned us. They all accept and are grateful for more food and no old men to feed.

I am happy. No more moaning husband. No more watching my husband’s jowls wobble as he moves within me. Back and forth, back and forth, wobble, wobble, wobbling. I sleep when I want.

This morning our peace was broken. A loud buzzing sound like a thousand bees erupted from the sky. We rushed out of our homes as a large creature landed nearby. The creature opened and smaller creatures walked out, each carrying a long thin tube.

They spoke our language. We have come to examine you they said, smiling in what we thought was an evil manner.  We backed away as they talked about rectal examinations and life back on Mars. They advanced on us as we backed further away, chanting rhythmically…

Do not be afraid of the sigmoidoscope.



Copyright October 2019







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