Depression Minus One Day


I’ve been depressed

for quite a while

this time round


thank you for not noticing


as my head spins anti clockwise

and my bowels shriek in disbelief

that camouflage is all encompassing

and no one hears the moans

and the cries of despair

and despair and



as the world slips out of control

as I fight for control




as I go about my daily life

and wish that I could be a card

in my own solitaire

the queen of spades

I could dig my own grave

and fall asleep inside

without a covering

without my mask

the mask that smiles at the world

so no one needs to notice




at all













Copyright November 2019

One thought on “Depression Minus One Day

  1. Don’t give a smile if it’s fake
    don’t hide from the world
    bad things are happening
    you’d love to take a break
    at all times and everyday
    a feeling you cannot bear
    what’s would gonna take?
    to feel happy, to have joy
    for at least one min in a day
    truth is, life can be tough
    it is with our attitude that
    we make it a piece of cake.

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