Self Deceivers Evermore

I’m all on edge today

Is it the bushfires and the haze

And the general malaise

That has hung above our head for days?


I can’t tell anymore


Is it the knowledge that the world

Is trying to rid itself of the plague

Of us humans that have outstayed

Our welcome as we crave


more and more and more?


Is it that as we argue in our sleep

The deaded earth will keep on spinning

With our corpses madly grinning

But we’ll still think that we are winning?


Self deceivers evermore



Copyright November 2019




Humidity has risen

But still the earth feels dry

And my skin cries


An insatiable appetite


I could drink the earth dry

If the sun hadn’t bullied

Each drop from the soil


An insatiable thirst


And when the trees burn


An insatiable hunger





Copyright September 2019



Stormy Mind Set

stagnant the only word

describing the lack of

variety in the sky

everyday humidity burns

reveals the sun’s teeth

bite bite biting flesh

tearing at the fragile fragments

of sleep deprived demented minds


they call this summer


memory regurgitates storms

lightning bouncing off the ground

like illuminated golf balls

on a downward trajectory

arcing, descending, splattering forces

mixed with hail and cats and dogs and frogs

and thunder rumbling underneath

the collective heat-drained sigh

of people, birds and restless trees


drinking it all in




Copyright January 2019