The Will

Dearest Charles

It is with heavy heart I write to tell you of the death of our beloved friend and benefactor James Modesto. It seems he had a heart attack shortly after my visit on Tuesday. 

After the funeral and the reading of the will I do believe it will not be long before I join you in Argentina where we may purchase the horse stud you are so keen on. 

Oh, and while I remember, thank you so much for the book on unidentifiable poisons you sent me. It came in handy. 

Yours Faithfully

Adeline Browbeater



Copyright October 2016


Too Little Too Late

I’m so tired today. I’ve cooked and baked and plotted for weeks now. Each day I’ve made his favourite meals and smiled and played the good wife. Tonight it all ends.

Strange I think whilst stirring the stew, he’s been nicer to me lately. I giggle as I remember the over-sweetened tea he’d made for me. Too little too late I softly say as I add more poison to the pot.



Copyright October 2016

The Little Things

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that give us away, like planting a jasmine vine right near the compost heap or failing to put the shovel back in it’s marked place in the shed.

Maria’s Mother-in-Law knew that her son disliked white flowers and would never leave tools out in the rain so it came as no surprise when, after days of rain, his body emerged from the back garden.

On the way to the Police Station Maria cursed her stupidity in not digging the grave that little bit deeper.



Copyright October 2016