An Alice picture by Salvador Dali



I’ll make a note of that

I think to myself and my pen

immediately becoming distracted

by tantalising glimpses of other lives

a little out of reach

forever running parallel

and beyond that another

and another and another and another

an endless me

living countless lives

over and over and over

all slightly different

from the neighbouring one

and the me that neighbours that

I wonder if Alice knew the theory

of parallel universes

or perhaps she was obsessed with string



Copyright November 2016

The Coming of Daphne — Witch Phobia

Ella had not meant to buy a dragon. She’d gone to the pet shop to buy a cat but had found a cat sized black dragon instead, in a cage at the back. The dragon’s green eyes had seemed so sad she’d not had the heart to leave her there. Now as Ella walked home […]

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Apple Pie

Snow White sighed at yet another knock on the door. This was the seventh witch this morning giving her a perfect red apple. She thanked her kindly and slammed the door in her face. Did they think she was stupid?

After making seven beds and cleaning the house Snow White went outside and dug seven new garden beds. Exhausted she began to  cook dinner and make an apple pie to be cut into seven segments.

Finally she relaxed and waited for the seven little men to come home for their tea. Tomorrow, after a little work in the garden, she would be free.



Copyright October 2016

Let’s Eat Some Cheese


sketch by Terry Whidborne  

@tezzabold on twitter 




temporarily knock-kneed

buttocks pressed in repose

I fear my ears are exposed

to the elements of greed


I think I’d like to be a bat

flap about in the breeze

trying not to cough or sneeze

what would mum think of that?


would she not be pleased

especially if i wear this hat

I think she’d say that’s that!

I’ve had enough, let’s eat some cheese




Copyright October 2016