A Few Haiku

toot my horn to warn
this is my road to nowhere
beep, I’m coming through


running out of time
as we stand in our corner
fighting with phantoms


around the edges
sunlight filters into rooms
even in winter


the red dragon squats
meditates on golden hills
glorious sunset


don’t shoot mockingbirds
the power is in your hands
freedom at a price


tonight the moon sips
light directly from the sun
drunken beaming smile


page after page rips
stories from another space
the fabric of time


today the sunshine
goes to battle against winds
a shivering peace


broomsticks and black cats
as the wolf howls at the moon
tides wait for no one


this cold afternoon
adorned in a cardigan
wet towels outside


this sad winter tune
lost in the silence of night
do cicadas sleep


tracing the rhythm
each beat a poetic tone
faster than sonnets


widening the gap
revolutionary times
a long way to fall


the sound of jack boots
marching over civil rights
a shifting focus



Copyright June 2017




A Twitter of Haiku


in the still of night

the sound of pen on paper

bouncing ideas


surrounded by walls

the all pervading silence

no one here but me


on the weeping gum

a boastful crow sits and caws

the black and white cat


by the laundry door

weeds growing in abundance

absence of green thumbs


without any care

blithely stomping through puddles

end of the rainbow


through the window pane

a single ray of sunlight

dust motes dance on pins


as sunset beckons

a deepening of shadows

haunting cry of birds


give a little time

to doing nothing at all

drift along in dreams


my mind writes

goes walking through syllables

counting all the way


across the night sky

my fingers walk in tandem

trail of twinkling stars


gorging at the trough

they do not see the poison

ingested with pride


their anger makes me shrink inside myself until I do not exist


loneliness descends

leaving icy comet trails

bypassing the heart


at nearly midnight

sudden flap of wings outside

gaps in the moonlight



Copyright May 2017