Concrete Boots

exhaustion settles

a dark cloak enveloping

all the shadows hanging about

like rude girls on street corners


I hug the cloak tighter

frightened if it begins to flap

I’ll take off into the night

fly away and leave life behind


the wheels are in motion

peddling into infinity again

I’ll find the strength from somewhere

even if it kills me



Copyright June 2017


Duty Calls

the years flash by

while each day stretches

on an indefinite meandering path

yet the path is well worn

she steps in foot marks made yesterday

reinforcing those from the day before

sometimes she wishes to leave the path

but duty keeps her on the same trail

and all the while she can see the end

creeping a little closer to her destination

shedding desires and wishes and dreams as she goes



Copyright June 2017


a gargoyle named Thursday

looms tiresomely over the week

she fears it


she knows that sarcasm and scorn hurt

despite the comparison to sticks

or even stones


she also knows her tongue will trip over itself

eager to explain the unexplainable

to a critic



Copyright June 2017