Staring At Lamps


the lights danced

before her eyes

even when she closed them tight

zig-zagging shards of light

darted in and out of sight

like a hologram

a three dimensional lie

staring at lamps


Copyright October 2017



Minor Surgery


that hole

where the knife cut deep


and my emotions pooled

like a blood red puddle of discontent


now hidden by stitches

as black and clumsy as crow’s feet


that hole in my chest

sewn together by the crone of my future self


that hole deliberately left

so I could creep inside and hide in myself



Copyright September 2017


Inner Child


staying within the lines

is not a metaphor for life

even if you feel in colour


choose the mood to suit the hue

sharpen your pencil with a tongue

watch your inner child concentrating



Copyright September 2017