30 30 30 2020- Stories 1-5

Writers Victoria are having their 30 words 30 stories 30 days Challenge  again

Here are my first 5 for the month.


Day 1 – Eyeball




The neighbours stare as I call.

“Eyeball! Where are you boy? Walkies!”

I wait impatiently, lead in hand.

Reluctantly he leaves the house.

Fourth walk today for my Cyclops.


Day 2 – Concentrate



He gently attached the cannula.

“Thank you my dear!” he said.

She watched as her clear blue essence filled the jar.

“Concentrated Poet!”

He drooled.

“Nothing tastes better in lockdown!”



Day 3 – Intense


Daydreaming. She stirs the pot in a lazy eight. The intense aroma of garlic and onions brings the banshees to the door.

“Sisters! We’ll conquer the world!”

“After dinner, Hilda!”


Day 4 – Blur


It’s all a blur. The whole shebang lost in the vortex of life. Marriage, children, grandchildren, cancer, death. Did I really live that life? Or was that person someone else?


Day 5 – Hocus-Pocus


It’s boring in bats, so I escape. With enough hocus-pocus and look over there, I may travel far. I adjust my crown, ready for the next sucker who passes by.



Copyright april 2020