Missed The Bus

a sudden urge

to jump


a bus


there are



in my



Copyright August 2019

Drowning Under

i wanna drown myself

in the cool cool waters

drowning out the noise pollution


i wanna drown myself

lay on the river bed

where the platypuses play


i wanna drown myself

in dreams of freedom

burning the calendar on the way


i wanna drown myself

in clouds of pillows

preventing the start of day






Copyright August 2019


Soul Armageddon

it’s a soul armageddon

the wailing hurts my ears

and I wish them all back to purgatory


{what a fruitless occupation

hovering centimetres under the soil

waiting for the end of time

and a promised resurrection

to sit at the right hand of a creator

surely bored to the max

with all the bickering and violence

of beings who refuse to grow up}


I wish them all back to purgatory

as their wailing hurts my ears

and my mind takes a violent turn


I dream that my soul rules the world

nay, the whole universe


I suck up galaxies with one thought

and vomit planets into orbit


I create suns the size of frying pans

sizzle onions in the afterburn


and lay politicians, softly to sleep

behind thickets of blackberry thorns

only to be woken by a kiss

from the offspring of forgiving asylum seekers

on the penultimate day of never ever


it’s a soul armageddon

and I’m the first to rise screaming

leaving earth behind in my wake




Copyright February 2019



… and so it begins

I sat myself down and spoke sternly

with a mouthful of swallowed expletives

and a tongue sharpened by iced tea and finely honed peach stones


“you must write liebchen!”


stubbornness echoed as loudly as words

{especially those not uttered aloud}


“really sweetie, you know you’ll feel better if you do!”


sullenly I pick up the pen

{and hope it leaks all over the smug face of the blank paper fairy as she dances between the lines}


… and so it begins





Copyright February 2019