I clutch my sadnesses to my chest

Much like I hang on to disappointment

Against my bare skin I hold them tight

And revel in the softness of naked thought



Copyright February 2017


Off The Cuff


can be quite elusive

like unicorns turning up in the backyard

on long hot summer afternoons

eating all the unripe bananas

before burping and flying away


there wasn’t even time for a photo!




Copyright February 2017



Nightly Musings

with my eyes closed

I can feel the illusion of cold

the ceiling fan moves air over my skin

and the quietness of this november night

seeps in and soothes my anxious mind

earlier we had brief but heavy showers

strange how suddenly they come

the changing of the seasons

in these subtropical climes



there’s a terrible fascination

for viewing political machinations

watching the jostling for power

the selling out, the back stabbing

the sneaking, lying, manipulating

the smarmy smiles and hand-gladding

it’s like watching rats in a maze

only not



tomorrow the stars all align

the planets will spin faster than ever before

the ley lines will all converge

and I will leave the house

so mote it be




Copyright November 2016


Poems Written Whilst Watching Hull Versus Arsenal



I’d like to trade me in

for something old and withered

a fruit way past it’s prime


the floral stench of times gone by

shall ooze from my skin

a perfume redolent of sorrow





I’m a derivative fool




poetry online





if i ate miso soup

would I write haiku

like a native






under pressure

now that arsenal have scored

I write the poetry of football

a game of angles and halves

and temperamental overpaid feet

it calls to me with mathematical guile

a seduction in grass and leather

the simplicity of the offside rule





Copyright September 2016