in her mind she’s running away

but her sluggish body plods

over the same well worn tracks

one morning she will acquire a machete

create a new path out of anti-matter

begin to explore the previously unknown

unexplored sections of the universe

whack-a-way out of her self-imposed black hole



Copyright August 2017


laughingly, I hide from the truth

only now can I say the words

no one can totally understand

every time I strive to see the future

love does not enter the equation

yes, I’ve finally admitted it to you


Copyright July 2017

The Stars

obsessed with stars

they may no longer exist

even though I can still see them

doesn’t that blow your mind?

how light can carry so far

even when the source itself

has blown itself to smithereens?

much like newspaper articles

and maiden speeches from politicians

before they were seduced by excess

and power and sycophantic flattery



Copyright July 2017