303030 2020 Stories 26-30

Day 26 – Clarity


After the fog lifts, she sees with clarity – her life is blue, through and through. Billy suggests adding pink but she refuses. She is blue and will remain so, forever.



Day 27 – Distorted



The message was distorted.

Vanessa heard “Heyday! “

Sunk in reverie, she forgot the emergency, remembering her salad days when she was green and fresh.

The plane crashed.

No survivors.


Day 28 – Gather


With only five minutes to gather her possessions, she stuffed things in. Creased. Soiled. It did not matter. As long as Auntie came too. And the border crossing was close.


Day 29 – Fixated


Fixated on the date. Would the yellow butterflies stop fluttering into cyclones after tomorrow?? She didn’t know. Only time would tell. Given a dictionary and a fresh supply of ink.


Day 30 – Focus


Taking selfies requires her to focus closely on her scaley skin. Pixilated papyrus.  Crocodilian snap.

She absentmindedly scratches before shooting.

Snapshot. Perfetto!



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