303030 2020 Stories 21 – 25

Day 21- Sway


Harriet rocked. She held sway over their every thought. They all agreed she was the coolest of the coolest even though they didn’t know why. Harriet was a witch. Fact.


Day 22 – Centre


At the centre of our universe a being sits on an atom, typing out a list of recommendations for the Next. Big. Thing. Top of the list – wensleydale and crackers.


Day 23 – Read


The old spidery writing was almost impossible to read. A palimpsest of cakes past obscured the main ingredients so she improvised. The new door stopper was solid and smelled sweet.


Day 24 – Measure


She took his measure.  Pound of flesh. Soupcon of volatility. Length of languish.

“In return I want an orange, a green parrot and your first born!”

Contract signed in blood.


Day 25 – Rivet


My eyes stare at the gun in his hands. My feet won’t move. I repeat “Rivet to the Pivot” in my head and swing as he presses the trigger. Bang!




Copyright April 2020