I didn’t mean to dig your heart out

then kick it down the hall in anger

too late now you heartless little bastard


if I pick it up and wash it under the tap

would you trust me to sew it back in

I’m told I’m quite good at connectivity


no need to back away, hands held in horror

if you wish to remain a hollow man you may

I’ll feed your heart to the dogs, they love you anyway



Copyright May 2017


My Zombie Self

what do you think I feel

when you accuse me of being emotionally dead

nothing going on under the armour you say

a shell of a woman closed off and remote

do you not realise

that all my love and pain and longings

live together in a knotted lump

deep within my diaphragm

that when you say I am nothing

the hurt nearly splits me in two

before my armour closes up again

and my zombie self smiles out at the world

Copyright June 2015


If the world was great for me
If I used my logic more sanely
Then maybe I would be more understood
By those who look down upon my twisted thoughts
With such obvious disdain

There is an internal logic to the way I approach my life
I know exactly why I stopped taking those pills
I wanted to see what would happen
I was just checking
A scientific study in fact
To see whether I needed them in the first place

Makes sense to me

I’m anaemic because I don’t eat meat
Vit D deficient because I avoid the sun
Mr. Doctor Man do not tut
I live in a hut!
{I don’t really but I do tell tall tales}

I think my life is the price I pay
For looking at the world in an upside down way
So that’s what I’ll tell the Psychiatrist
Between my tears and a tightly clenched fist

Copyright February 2014