my arms flap

I find it hard to breathe

all my muscles tighten

in desperation

in frustration

it feels like someone

is trying to take away me


my experiences are mine

you cannot take away me


if I feel pain

then it is my pain

yes, other people feel pain too

but my pain is my own

it doesn’t lessen in comparison

because I am me

and only me

unique in every way



Copyright January 2020

9th Jan

I have stuck to lists today

ticking off task after task

and adding new ones on


the holidays are over

the world has woken again

consequently more items appear on the list


tomorrow there is another list

I’m already mentally preparing

the order of this list


first I will stop in Wises Road

and then drive to The Plaza

where numerous anxiety conceiving places need to be visited


I comfort myself that I made it through today

even if I did forget to buy

the ham




Copyright January 2020


January the Second

it’s January the second

and I’m having trouble

wrapping my mind around

the fact that able bodied people only

were evacuated from

the beach at Mallacoota


I keep telling myself FAKE NEWS

what government would leave the most vulnerable

to rot on a beach with few supplies

fires all about

and the prediction of Armageddon on Saturday


Are our navy only good for towing refugees back to Indonesia?

playing war games with America??


I don’t want to sleep

in case I dream of red skies

nightmare drums of toppling trees

running through the safety of my bed

sand under my feet

smoke overhead






Copyright January 2020