Sudden Shower




Advent Poems Day Five


Lorikeets play in mass of green

Amongst droopy flowering gums

Upside down calling out Yoo-Hoo!

Screaming Silver Eyes fly away


First droplets of rain hit hard

Dusty heat stained road outside

Humid steamy summer smell

Drifts in lightly whirling breeze


Spellbound tabby watches close

Dampened lorikeets screech dismay

Flying multi-coloured cloud

Escapes sudden pour of rain



Copyright December 2013

Shopping in August


Toilet rolls
Discount clothes
Trolley full of modesty

Push past
Monkey bars
Squealing children

Mothers watch
Bask on the grass
Morning picnic

Across the bridge
Down in the creek
Ducks quack

Fight over bread
{Thrown from overhead}
And position

Birdsong and tarmac
Car park at back
Beside the creek

Shopping in
Wattle scented air
Last month of winter

Copyright August 2013

A Trio of Tanka

Starlight dot to dot

Arc across the nighttime sky

Glittering snail trail

Celestial artistry

Imaginary crayons




Cross the bridge from night

Dance in early morning light

Shimmering rainbows

Coloured flutter of winged dreams

Lorikeets gossip and fight





Voluntary sigh

Choosing to weep for this earth

Destructive humans

All encompassing chaos

Age of new Aquarius



Copyright March 2013