Broidered in Blood

I keep threads dipped in the crimson blood of life

Ready to embroider small moments

Poems in patterned alphabets

Fading to sepia

Memories sewn in the blood


That first day

Blue eyes flash

As stories are told

No lips move

Words soundless in their meaning

Eloquently screaming

I see you



I see you as you are

Bald and naked for the world not to see

A private viewing just for me

I see you


Heady thoughts for one such as me

Invisible in a world of activity

Where beauty is traded for favours and fame

The use of a brain can inflict much shame

I embroider these things to remember


So the sampler tells the story of a time of bliss

Where the world is contained in the blink of a kiss


Of a brief encounter

In the third person

Blood whirls and spins through veins of jealousy

As blue eyes dissect no more of me


I see him

My eyes flashing green as cats on the prowl for new prey

I see him as I wish him to be

As he will be

For me

And only ever me


I stitch these crimson threads

Capture those blue eyes as he begs for mercy

I create a brand new pattern for my sampler

Stitch and stitch away for days

Until I’ve embroidered this moment in love

To my satisfaction

Framed and hung upon the wall

Of my gallery of memories of small moments

Already beginning to fade to sepia


I prepare more crimson threads

Create new patterns of alphabetical prose

Sit and wait

For the next poem

The next memory

To be broidered

In blood



Copyright March 2013