two crows had been having quite a conversation

much to my mother’s consternation

for she believes in omens


I believe in cats


my neighbour’s black and white cat

sauntered across our driveway

stood staring meaningfully at out front door


in sudden silence


I had a one way chat through the door

the cat politely pretended to listen

before sauntering home again


I remain catless


perhaps tomorrow I’ll sit in the weeping gum

chat to the crows about the perfidy of cats

and the seriousness of collective nouns


and omens




Copyright May 2017



The Cat Pact

having made a pact with my cat

I proceeded to cry until the earth did spin

faster and faster and faster until

we both wanted to set off

take the first space shuttle to Jupiter

where the cold would freeze our bones

and neither of us would have to make decisions concerning death


copyright april 2016