Feb the 5th


when it’s hot

I feel that my brain

is shrunken and hides

in musty corners


after the change

the cool clears all dust

my synapses spark

I’m awake to it all


as sharp as a tack




Copyright February 2020


Feb 4th

after not sleeping

for a month at least

I sleep for 24 hours

wake up to a changed landscape


miraculously my world is cooler


all the old leaders

have been herded into

a camp for compromised idealists


and now …


I drink tea

eat toast

watch TV

and fall asleep again




Copyright February 2020

23rd January

at the midnight hour

I cast  a spell on the weather

but no amount of black cats

eye of newt or ten of clubs

will ever shock the earth off its axis


extremities cause weather

I should be happy for this circumstance

for we would be extinct without it

but extremities are vulnerable

swallowing much of our own energy

standing still on a treadmill

as it shakes and brakes beneath us


speeding up

slowing down

creating chaos



Copyright January 2020