I thought that love shone from your eyes

until the day I saw through the looking glass

glimpsed the backwards brain inside

realised that narcissism knows no bounds

you’d be gazing in still waters forever



Copyright November 2016


One Day I’ll Make a Dalek

Advent Poems Day Thirteen


One day I’ll make a Dalek

On second thoughts

Perhaps a TARDIS

Would be more practical

To go back in time

{And space}

To change events

Decisions with disastrous ends

Except {of course}

For the fixed points

In time

{And space}

Fixed points

Not to be tampered with

On pain of annihilation

Such a cliché to rue

The past self’s deeds

I should use my time

{And space}


To change the future

Now that’d put a spoke

In my own wheel

Trying to live up

To my changes

Okay! I’ll admit it

The past clouded by time

The future shrouded in space

Only now

Right now

This minute

Can I write a TARDIS

Or a Dalek

Into being

Copyright December 2013

My Love

I feel such love quivering love

For all time an enduring love


You stalk my mind as I recline

When you are near shattering love


My life is yours for evermore

I give to you my trembling love


Your teeth divine they gleam and shine

I share my blood quite willing love


You drain me of my essence clear

I go to death my killing love


You give your blood a welcome gift

You need me here flattering love


You resurrect my vampire self

God has now judged my chilling love


Copyright Feb 2013