Look Mama!



Look Mama!!

a sketch for me by Terry whidborne

That Mushroom man

Has taken root


Now Honey!!

sunday sketch 77 by terry whidborne

You know that is

Your father

In his

Brand new

Bark ringed suit


Copyright November 2013

Sketches by Terry Whidborne  @Tezzabold

The Child Catcher

the child catcher sunday sketch 71 by terry whidborne

The Child Catcher Sunday Sketch No.71 by Terry Whidborne @Tezzabold

chitty chitty
treacle tarts
lollipops and bells
bang bang
cherry pies
ice cream
free ice cream
cream puffs
and chocolate
follow me
bang bang
mustard coloured coat swirls
hats and carts and horses
chitty chitty
free today
with treacle tarts
and ice cream
bang bang

Copyright October 2013

Shopping in August


Toilet rolls
Discount clothes
Trolley full of modesty

Push past
Monkey bars
Squealing children

Mothers watch
Bask on the grass
Morning picnic

Across the bridge
Down in the creek
Ducks quack

Fight over bread
{Thrown from overhead}
And position

Birdsong and tarmac
Car park at back
Beside the creek

Shopping in
Wattle scented air
Last month of winter

Copyright August 2013

The Mutagenator

He called himself The Mutagenator. In reality he was Dave Smith from Maroochydore, but no one needed to know that.  The Mutagenator was a superhero who caused genetic mutations, mainly in people he didn’t like.

So far, Dave, aka The Mutagenator had caused his sister to grow a wart the size of her thumb. No Doctor had been able to remove it successfully, it always grew back.

Then Toby, the school bully, had developed this mysterious condition where he lost coordination whenever he tried to speak. This meant that he couldn’t verbally abuse someone and stand up or walk at the same time. He collapsed in a heap. He’d been home from school for the past week.

Feeling flushed with success The Mutagenator turned his thoughts to Great Aunt Helen. She was the bane of his young life. She’d come to live with them when he was four and she was eighty-four. Three years on she still occupied his bedroom whilst he slept on the couch. His things were kept in the garage.

Thumbing through his science book he pondered genetic mutations and his new found abilities. Great Aunt Helen would be his final test. If she grew a tail or an extra limb he would know The Mutagenator was for real. He happily set about his task.

Part way through the night he was awoken by lights and movement, strangers in the house. His mother told him it was very sad, but not unexpected, his Great Aunt Helen had passed away. He watched as she was taken away on a stretcher convinced he saw a glimpse of a tail peeking out from underneath the covers. Wow! He really was The Mutagenator.

After the room was cleaned and redecorated Dave claimed it back as his bedroom.  All his toys and books came in from the garage. There was even room in the corner for his very own Science Laboratory.

Copyright April 2013