From Inside She Watches

from inside she watches

as the world plays on

feeling overwhelmed

by sky and clouds and the sun

and nearly eight billion people

all breathing the same air


from inside she watches

as the same patterns

repeat themselves over

cardboard cut outs of politicians

no longer pretending to govern

for more than self interest


from inside she watches

wonders how it will end

will we know when we reach

the tipping point when revolution

is the only answer or will we

die quietly as the stars go out


from inside she watches

the simple unfairness of being



Copyright June 2017


The Pain In My Head Is As Big As The World


the pain in my head is as big as the world

it travels down my spine

settles in my coccyx

I sit on my pain


I sit on my pain

as it veers out through my hips

my thighs feel heavy and drab

and my knees ache for the past


my knees ache for the past

force this ache down to my toes

my hands reach down to my toes

I gather all pain in my hands


I gather all pain in my hands

I hold my head in my hands

my fingers ache from the sense of it all

the pain in my head is as big as the world



Copyright May 2017





it happened by accident

I woke up again this morning

a biologic imperative, they say

one day, of course, it won’t happen

by accident, or otherwise

and I will never know


clouds and doonas and other fluffy things

analogies to blanket out despair

{or perhaps find a place for despair to rest}

bigger reality hits me over the head

my reality takes quite a time to kick in

on these grey, disturbing, nothing days


how can I hope to explain

that Oh Shit! feeling, I’m still here

to people who feel their purpose in their bones

I have so much to do but most of it seems

even the voices in my head are still asleep

when they wake I’ll beg them to re-wire my brain



Copyright May 2017


it’s the quiet of the evening again

I’ve spent the day pacing through rooms

which merge into one and follow me

as ceilings collapse and walls fade in

and life speeds into nothing


so I’ll sit with my pen and brood on ills

and look for a purpose beyond myself

tether myself to this life

as the rest of the world floats away

and I speed into nothing


copyright May 2016