January 8th

nearing the end of the day

a coolish breeze from the oscillating fan

lulls me into calm


my eyelids droop

as my pen scratches marks across the page

chicken scratch or poetry?

I cannot tell


all I know is that

forĀ  a brief moment

all is right in my world

and I might dream of unicorns after all



Copyright January 2020



Sullen Little Nightmares


as the weather changes

I dream of death and persecution

awoken by tears

full of outrage and despair

I sweat under bed clothes

designed for colder nights

the cold humidity has wandered in

on soft little boots

smothering my dreams

dreams that fight back

in sullen little nightmares



Copyright June 2017

The Opposite of Optimism


lately she dreams of unpleasant things

the future and all it may not contain

she wonders whether other people find their optimism

under rose bushes or cabbages or rocks


perhaps it’s all a conspiracy in the end

everyone is lying and scheming and sad

after all she’s only ever been a silent drama queen

putting on plays in her head and in sand



Copyright May 2017

Another Life


in an alternative life

{the one lived on an earth free of pollution

with fast flowing rivers and gigantic stars}

I fell in love fifteen different times

with writers and artists and cats in the lane

the biggest love of all for that woman in the mirror

her of the flowing locks and defiant stare

I yearned to push through the glass

to blend my ugliness with her confidence

one day I broke the glass into shards

watched in awe as blood flowed from battered fists

felt the pain as disappearing dreams washed down the drain

and smiled at the glorious futility of it all



Copyright May 2017