Pieces Of Me

Muscles torn

Ripped straight from the bone

Drawn this way and that

Horses fighting over each piece

A pound is my limit

But oh so many want that flesh

All that will remain

Saggy ageing skin stretched thin

Contained within so much pain

And the remnant of an endless silent scream



Copyright April 2014


I Remain Blind

Advent Poems Day Fifteen



I am blind

To the everyday

I see grand schemes

Dancing on sweet

Unattainable horizons


Whilst dust collects in corners

I blithely dodge raindrops

Bake pies in my skies


Mud collects on doorsteps

I float above the dishes and the washing line

My bed remains unkempt

As does my hair


I shop for chocolates and cherries

Mangos, peaches and apricots


I know I should get out the gloves

The micro fibre cloths

And the Jif

Loosen arthritic elbows

De-grease the kitchen doors


But the sun doth shine

The fan doth swirl


Cricket on TV lulls me

Into Summer Dream Time

I remain blind

To dirt and grime



Copyright December 2013

Autumn Cleanout



She can hear the call

Of inner voices

Succumbs to the tempting tales they whisper

She cuts




Flotsam jetsam jettisoned

Cast out into space




She vacuums in each corner

Around the cranial furniture

Under the heavily hirsute carpets

Splattered with greying brain matter


An accident

A brainstorm

Ideas got out of hand


She hums to the tune of voices scolding

“You’re doing it all wrong!

You’ve missed a bit, just look!

You’ll make no man a wife

If you can’t clean and cook!!”


So she cooks

The books

In her arithmetical mind

Stretches out finances

To cover all her costs
Stamps on all the voices

Stores them in a soundproof box


Not needed

For now

Or ever


Copyright March 2013

Mum is Me

She lives a life

Within the walls

Of a rented house

She lives a life

Contained within

The lives of three young children

When weekend comes

She lets herself


She flirts with all her husband’s friends

The braying laugh

Forced out with desperate joy

Echoes along the streets

I’m here

I’m me

I’m not just her

The drudge

The Mum

The quiet one

Please notice me

So I can see

That there is life

Beyond these walls

Beyond my roles

Beyond me


Copyright Dec 2012