The Visitation

Valerie lay in her bed at the hospice hovering between life and death. Her children gathered around, some crying, some bickering over who would be getting what. Suddenly, with a loud crack like thunder, a ghost appeared next to the bed. The oldest children recognised their father who had disappeared many years before. He reached out to their mother saying “It’s time Val. I’ve come to take you to hell!’

“But…but… you’re not dead!’ she stuttered and then died.

After the funeral the children cleaned out the house and found the fresh corpse of their father chained up in the shed.



Copyright October 2016

Monday Goblin

monday goblin bt terry whidborne for goblinweek

Monday Goblin by Terry Whidborne  for Goblin week


Writing in ink of verdant green

Trying not to seem so keen

She says, “You may be my Grandad

I hope this doesn’t make you too mad


The other day I took a look

In Mother’s great big Birthday Book

Your son it seems visited near

Seven months later I did appear


This may explain why my nose

Is longer than the rest of those

Belonging to my goblin brothers

Indeed longer than all the others


If I may be so humble

Now I know I am part Womble

Can I come and visit soon

My holidays begin in June


I cannot wait to see the Common

Meet my cousins, man and woman

Oh lovely Grandad Bulgaria

Much love from me, your Caesarea


Copyright January 2014