Murder On The Haiku Express



Too many people

Crowded station drives me mad

Good to get away


Find a window seat

Settle down and people watch

Safely behind glass


Would you look at her

Running in stiletto heels

Too sharp for the rest


Landscape runs away

Back towards city skyline

Train whistle blowing


Dinner served at six

Opposite stiletto girl

Barely ate a thing



Sat up through the night

Thoughts of impossible things

Long before breakfast


Years ago I swore

To take my medication

My forgotten law


Breakfast was a bore

Eggs and bacon, toast and tea

No croissants for me


There she is again

Tottering on her high heels

All to attract men


Smiling and flirting

The old men salivating

I prefer the scene


Today I will sit

Watching the Nullarbor sway

Side to side on tracks


Perfectly perfect

Dreaming of rainbow serpents

Slithering in red


Communal supper

Oodles of noodles and tea

No one talks to me


I’m invisible

Wearing my magical cloak

Treading carefully


Another dark night

Rattle of the railway tracks

Startled by a scream


Emergency cord

Pulled with help of gravity

Of situation


Whispers of murder

To and fro along the train

Travelling past me


Here come the police

Helicopter rests on land

Previously free


Interview us all

One by one we answer true

Truly was not me


Through the open door

Death rictus the victims smile

Frozen now in time


Stiletto woman

Not a drop of blood in sight

Tablets with her tea


Hours later they leave

Accidental overdose

That they all agree


World begins to move

Leaving my worries behind

Lightness of my mind


Many a lover

Scorned and left for another

Would do as I did


I the murderer

My written confessional

Witnessed in haiku



Copyright July 2019