Heat Stained Town

I close my eyes

listen to the chug

of a neighbour’s air con

lucky people sleeping in the cool

the fan merely moves the heat

a cool facade of drying sweat

even the water isn’t cold

the hot tap remains unused

and it pays to stick your head in the fridge


we are all overdue for the rains

there’s a madness sets in as the garden dies

as the crepe myrtle flowers for the second time

and the agapanthus gives up the ghost

and the people in air conditioned cars all drive like maniacs

whilst I drive slowly with the windows down

and hum along to the sounds of a heat stained town

Copyright February 2017

Open Your Eyes




Once a lonely princess wandered through a tranquil garden in the rain. Raindrops beat upon her brow washing fairy dust from her eyes. For the first time in her life she saw the colours in the light, deepest greens and vivid reds and the brightest of whites. Red roses and white daisies, pink azaleas and yellow grevilleas and over in one corner an orange hibiscus smiling as it danced in the rain.

lonely no longer

kaleidoscope of colours

now open your eyes

Copyright October 2016



as the creek flows and buckles

’round the bend she

dangles her feet in

a universe of stars


a distorted light delves

into night corners of

a garden dampened

by evening showers


like crystals or diamonds or

perhaps mischievous fairies who

dance under the moon


she follows the creek

to the point where

the light meets the sea and

drowns in the dark


the fairies depart

another one caught by

beauty alone lured

into the depths

of her heart



Copyright October 2015


2: A garden of garnets and pearls

Captured here in this garden of dreams

Where diamonds cut and red blood streams

Moonlight shines on garnets and pearls

Dainty emerald leaves unfurl

Rubies cling to golden limbs

Silver tantalises kings

She’ll never leave this gem-filled land

The gate is closed to human hands


Copyright July 2014