Afternoon Tea

the clamber of wind chimes

in gale force winds

the sun weaves between

curtains as they billow

in and out

and in and out again

the kettle boils slowly

as I wait for my tea

the malcolm mug smiles smugly

as i push it aside

waiting for a better opportunity

I think I’ll choose the blue wren mug

sunday is no day for politics



Copyright October 2016

Mum is Me

She lives a life

Within the walls

Of a rented house

She lives a life

Contained within

The lives of three young children

When weekend comes

She lets herself


She flirts with all her husband’s friends

The braying laugh

Forced out with desperate joy

Echoes along the streets

I’m here

I’m me

I’m not just her

The drudge

The Mum

The quiet one

Please notice me

So I can see

That there is life

Beyond these walls

Beyond my roles

Beyond me


Copyright Dec 2012