I Hate Housework

she decided to have


tattooed on her forehead

perhaps then they’d leave her be

let her read and write poetry

and wade through dust centimetres thick

on visiting days

if time permits


Copyright May 2017


I Remain Blind

Advent Poems Day Fifteen



I am blind

To the everyday

I see grand schemes

Dancing on sweet

Unattainable horizons


Whilst dust collects in corners

I blithely dodge raindrops

Bake pies in my skies


Mud collects on doorsteps

I float above the dishes and the washing line

My bed remains unkempt

As does my hair


I shop for chocolates and cherries

Mangos, peaches and apricots


I know I should get out the gloves

The micro fibre cloths

And the Jif

Loosen arthritic elbows

De-grease the kitchen doors


But the sun doth shine

The fan doth swirl


Cricket on TV lulls me

Into Summer Dream Time

I remain blind

To dirt and grime



Copyright December 2013