January {rejected} Furious Fiction

Press. 3.0.0. Start.

She watches as her lunch begins to turn in the microwave.

“Ratatouille?” asks a voice in her right ear, close enough to make her jump.

“Yes, “she says, a little off balance when she sees who is talking to her.

“Snap!” says the heartthrob from Accounts.

{“Accounted” sexiest money man by all the women, and one man, in Sales.}

She stares at the timer on the microwave. 2:11 and counting.

She taps her foot and hums a little tune.

2 minutes can be a long time she muses to the other person in her head.

So, go for it, said that annoying inner voice with more get up and go than she.

“So … Ratatouille?” she asks, still avoiding eye contact.

“Made it myself!” he brags. “Watched Nigella”

“Me too!” she exclaims, forgetting her shyness, smiling up at him.

“Serendipity” he says.


“A lucky coincidence. Same lunch. Same place. Same microwave.”


“Same TV watching habits”

Her smile widens.

“Meant to be”, he says, placing his hand lightly on her arm.

Ping. Ping. Ping.

She takes her lunch out of the microwave. “All yours!’. She says pointing to the open door.

“Thanks,’ he says, placing his ratatouille in the microwave and closing the door.

Press. 3.0.0. Start.

“Tomorrow. Here. 12:30pm.”

“Sure” she says.

“Then it’s a date!”

She walks back to her desk with a huge smile on her face.

Her work buddy sidles up, sits down on the spare chair and smiles wickedly.

“Guess who has a date with Mr. Sexy From Accounts?”

She was about to say “How do you know, he only just asked me” when she realises her buddy has kept on talking, “Our one man!” she squealed” Can you believe it?? He’s such a sly horse!”


“Dog? Horse? What does it matter?”

She sighs and puts on her earphones.

“Time to get back to work!”

She dials and waits for someone to pick up.

“Good afternoon. My name is Tracy.  Well it’s nice to talk to you too. Thank you. I am having a good day!”

She grimaces as she sees Mr Sexy From Accounts walk past her cubicle, eyes on the only man in the office.

She returns to her call, “I’m calling to let you know that the Government Solar Panel Rebate will end soon …?”




Copyright January 2020