January 7th

I ache from my core

radiating out through my limbs

my hands bear the brunt

of a body hellbent on attacking itself


sleep evades me again

as the dull throb of misfortune

manifests itself in stories

darkened with time

and repetition



Copyright January 2020

Sleepless Imps

Sleeping on tides
Of nightmares
As waves of cheeky imps
Crash against the
Shores of time
Gouging holes in
The sandy coastline
Of long lost memories

Thunder strikes
On the hour
No matter what the clock
All is well
Though sleep declines
Under the smirk
Of a sarcastic moon
Peeking through cracks
In white net curtains
Not quite covering
The modesty of the night

Morning reveals
Eyes kissed
With velveteen bruises
Pale purple smudges
Painted dexterously
By mad insomniac beings
Who dance in delight
A whirling dervish exultation
Just out of sight
Behind the bruises
Locked within
The mind
Reflected in the mirror’s light

Copyright August 2013



On the verge

Of falling

Into oncoming traffic

Barrelling down relentlessly

A convoy of thoughts

Driven by despair

A sleepless despair

Which verges

On the ridiculous

At 4:00am

With the TV blaring

Into insomnia

As Humphrey Bogart

Joins Gina Lollobrigida

To beat down the devil

Before dawn arrives

With kookaburras

And the devil laughs

Watching me teetering

On the verge

Of falling

Into the face

Of oncoming



Copyright Dec 2012