The Horrors Below

Advent Poems Day Three


river scene

Photograph: River Scene by Greg Mackie



The light at night highlights the best

Whether the soft glow of the moon

Or under our own ingenious invention

Darkness hides in corners and hollows and alleyways

Shading dirt and grime and molestation from view

Light reflects the beauty of the surface

Underneath our fears stir and wave hello

Hey you! Up there! Gazing at the magnificence of the stars

Yes you! Gormless fool! Writing poetry

To enlightened cities and rivers aglow

We, the monsters, are still here

Waiting for the likes of you to trip

And fall beneath such obvious beauty

To play with us in the horrors below



Copyright December 2013




Search for the dark

Imagine if

We always lived in light

With the sun shining constantly down

Leaving no place to hide

Our words

In the shadows

This white bright light

Burning out our retinas

So we become blind

Can no longer see

The subtleties

Of life

We would live in perpetual hellish heaven

Big Brother watching

Stifling words with light

Our minds whitewashed

With the lack of dark

Everything laid out

Starkly screaming aghast

Yearning for a chiaroscuro

Of despair

Wanting to sport

In the shades

For that is where

Poetry is made


Copyright May 2013