In Bed Part 2

someone turned the knob

the volume lowered to hush

underneath the blankets

I listen to the world

as it silently bustles without me

just like it would

if I was in my coffin

in the ground



Copyright October 2016


In Bed

between the treetops

and the sky

my thoughts fly with the crows

as they caw in their war

with the miners

fat magpie babies scream for food

oblivious to the fact

they’ll soon be on their own

and I lie in my bed

with the curtains tightly closed

pretending that the day

has not begun



Copyright October 2016


An Exercise In Listening

the hum of the refrigerator
the snoring of the cat
the competing tick of 4 clocks
the occasional tinkle of wind chimes from outside
the roaring in my ears of thoughts fighting to escape
it is Tuesday night and all is well
sometime soon my thoughts will gel
until then what the hell!!!
I’ll keep listening

Copyright November 2013

Rain Sounds

Rain falls straight down

Banging on the roof

To get in

Out of the rain


Pounding so hard

I cannot hear

Myself think straight

In or out of the rain


Day after day the rain pounds down

The washing piles up

Clothes from the back are worn

Long forgotten now seeing the light of this dark day

In the limelight once again

Mismatched cotton


Humid so quiet before the gales

I hear the neighbours bang a cupboard door

No privacy as arguments echo around the base of this mountain

Irate tones angry words swear in a swirl

Which of our neighbours is now losing control?

As dogs bark and distant thunder begins to rumble along to the tune of rage


Rain eases to a perpetual drip

A rhythmic susurration of frogs

Accompanies the drip drip drip from the leaves

I begin to doze lullabies and dreams

The cupboard bangs shut again

Yet still the frogs keep on singing

‘Cause humans and cupboards and anger and noise

Are not as important as rain


Copyright Feb 2013