Friday Stuff


the sky is of a blue

designed to destroy

the tumultuous greys

of yesterday

and yet

something evil

has entered the universe

so that the blue

seems grey to me

deep inside myself

I see the cyclonic depression

has settled in

the aftermath of yesterday

stored within





each day I wait

I wait for the end

of the day to come

so that my mind can

make up stories without

reality getting in the

way of my inner magnificence




Copyright March 2017


Mixed Up Morning


I know

that you know

that I know

I have a mental illness

Do you know what that means?

You do! Fantastic!


Then why do you expect me

to think

to act

to react

to be

your rational


my mind works

in mysterious ways

even I know that

if you expect me

to understand you

then you can at least admit

that you don’t

understand me

{not really}



Copyright March 2017


Sometimes in life you just throw out phrases without thinking of the consequences. For example: My friend Veronica, in the middle of an argument about who did what way back in High School, suddenly yelled at me “You’re a damn elephant you are, never forget anything!!”

Now you think this would be an innocuous statement in itself not a portent of the future. Yet, the next morning I awoke in a new pachydermous skin. My skin was grey and saggy, my nose had a distinctly trunk like appearance and my ears flapped in the breeze. I had a craving for peanuts. No one seemed to notice, which proved my theory that we humans never really look beyond ourselves.

As I swayed my way to work I felt the need to trumpet to the world. I’m big!! I’m a pachyderm!! I’m beautiful!! I managed to stop myself concerned that I’d be taken away and locked up.

So, everyday I became a little more elephantine. As no one seemed to notice I became more comfortable in my new pachydermous skin. I worried less and less about my appearance. I found that my students listened to me more as my classroom had become a place of fun. My elephant self was quite mischievous. My students laughed a lot.

One day a travelling circus arrived in town. I tried to resist but the lure was too strong. I went to talk to the two elephants tethered in the field next to the main tent and introduced myself as a fellow pachyderm. Have you ever heard an elephant laugh??? I did, that day. They scoffed at my stupidity.

I ran home crying, gazed tearfully into the mirror and saw that they were right, I was only human.

After I was diagnosed with pachydermatitis I switched careers, became an elephant handler with the circus.

Copyright April 2013