The Taste of Words


her brain creates stories

out of patches of sunlight

purple and green ribbons

and the aroma of cinnamon

sprinkled on honeyed hot chocolate


some days she spices it up

with ginger and a pinch of chilli

the tales become hot and steamy

and she requires a fan

to cool her flushed overactive mind


in more rational times

she writes cool minty tomes

where facts align themselves

in neat parallel rows

all syllables are counted



Copyright June 2017

Friday Stuff


the sky is of a blue

designed to destroy

the tumultuous greys

of yesterday

and yet

something evil

has entered the universe

so that the blue

seems grey to me

deep inside myself

I see the cyclonic depression

has settled in

the aftermath of yesterday

stored within





each day I wait

I wait for the end

of the day to come

so that my mind can

make up stories without

reality getting in the

way of my inner magnificence




Copyright March 2017

Poems Written Whilst Watching Hull Versus Arsenal



I’d like to trade me in

for something old and withered

a fruit way past it’s prime


the floral stench of times gone by

shall ooze from my skin

a perfume redolent of sorrow





I’m a derivative fool



poetry online





if i ate miso soup

would I write haiku

like a native






under pressure

now that arsenal have scored

I write the poetry of football

a game of angles and halves

and temperamental overpaid feet

it calls to me with mathematical guile

a seduction in grass and leather

the simplicity of the offside rule





Copyright September 2016