15th January

in my neck of the woods

nature has settled into a rhythm

sometimes typical of January


clouds but no rain

humidity but no rain

heat but no rain


one day there will be rain

the monsoon will shift south

or a cyclone will travel down the coast

its tail curling and shedding as it goes


until then water is something to be treasured

short showers, no hoses, don’t wash the car


but after the deluge

we can dance in bare feet

mud between out toes

and a sigh of relief

that for a short while

we can stop worrying


but not yet

for today it does not rain

nor will it tomorrow

not even next week






Copyright January 2020

Capturing The Butcher Bird


Photograph by bluebellina



through the gateway

sunlight dapples the undergrowth

beckoning the hesitant viewer


a small black and white dinosaur

darts beak first into the water

wings flapping in avian joy


the watcher through the camera

captures the light refracted

from splattered droplets on ginger plants



Photograph by bluebellina



Copyright May 2017

Sky Games

the ceiling fan

churns the humid air

a downward spiral of relief

for the storms have stayed inland again

moving parallel to the coast

as they bluster their way north

from my chair I can hear

the distant crash of thunder

I imagine the lightning striking down

and rejoice in the humidity

too wet for bushfires I think

the long humid days of summer

began about a month ago

when spring died an early death

and the sky gods started to play their games of war



Copyright Dec 2015


On the cusp of dusk

The rain comes

At first on dainty little feet it treads

Dampening the grass with tiny steps

Then as its anger seems to grow

It pelts all with a mighty roar of defiance

As if this dry earth stands in the way of greater things



Copyright January 2015