January the Second

it’s January the second

and I’m having trouble

wrapping my mind around

the fact that able bodied people only

were evacuated from

the beach at Mallacoota


I keep telling myself FAKE NEWS

what government would leave the most vulnerable

to rot on a beach with few supplies

fires all about

and the prediction of Armageddon on Saturday


Are our navy only good for towing refugees back to Indonesia?

playing war games with America??


I don’t want to sleep

in case I dream of red skies

nightmare drums of toppling trees

running through the safety of my bed

sand under my feet

smoke overhead






Copyright January 2020





Sullen Little Nightmares


as the weather changes

I dream of death and persecution

awoken by tears

full of outrage and despair

I sweat under bed clothes

designed for colder nights

the cold humidity has wandered in

on soft little boots

smothering my dreams

dreams that fight back

in sullen little nightmares



Copyright June 2017

The Opposite of Optimism


lately she dreams of unpleasant things

the future and all it may not contain

she wonders whether other people find their optimism

under rose bushes or cabbages or rocks


perhaps it’s all a conspiracy in the end

everyone is lying and scheming and sad

after all she’s only ever been a silent drama queen

putting on plays in her head and in sand



Copyright May 2017

Fighting Fear


something inside me relaxes

enough to let the bats unfold

preternatural claws against my chest

ripping flesh and bone to shreds


I hang on to my dignity long enough

to seek the comfort of solitude

the moon reflects benevolence upon my bed

the bats refold their wings and sigh


they will only fly in dreams tonight

gripping tight to my unwieldy thoughts

feeding forcibly on fractured memories

tearing fears into small undigested morsels



Copyright March 2017