The Taking of the Annual Cat Christmas Photo

Advent Poems Day Eighteen


Miaowy Christmas from Amber


She stares at the camera

Somehow she knows that the flash

Will reflect the back of her eyes

Ruining each photograph taken

So she stares at the camera

Daring me to take another shot


This year she sits on the stuffed dog

Bought in a brief fit of Xmas cheer

Cheaply made in a Chinese factory

Signifying everything commercial

And monetarily connected


As she stares at the camera

I snap shot after shot after shot

All exactly the same as the last

Green alien eyes glowing

Santa’s cat gone mad


A sudden snap of fingers

Makes her look to the side

A quick snap of the camera

A frenzied snap of my brain

At last I have the perfect shot



The taking of the Annual Cat Christmas Photo

Is done



Copyright December 2013