Self Perception


a glimpse of self

reflects off glass

a haunt settles in a mirror


drawn with the finest of strokes

on grease-proof paper for posterity

another self disintegrates


seen from the inside

oblivious to the realities of time

a third self sings lullabies



Copyright July 2017



becoming detached

my head hangs by a thread

with calm and unshaking hands

I hastily glue myself back together

before my circulation ceases

and I collapse, without life, on the floor


unfortunately I miscalculate the aftereffects

and now have a ring of overconfidence

assorted drips of superglue adorn

and stick to various parts of my anatomy


now, disfigured, I wear a shroud

and hide myself away in a monastery

with all the other crossdressing fools

keeping my beliefs in a bag in a side drawer

remaining detached from all that life represents



Copyright July 2017


Concrete Boots

exhaustion settles

a dark cloak enveloping

all the shadows hanging about

like rude girls on street corners


I hug the cloak tighter

frightened if it begins to flap

I’ll take off into the night

fly away and leave life behind


the wheels are in motion

peddling into infinity again

I’ll find the strength from somewhere

even if it kills me



Copyright June 2017