Asymmetrically Satisfying

I wrote a poem

last night


early morning

somewhere in the rain

it disappeared


last night

I wrote a poem



Copyright December 2018


My Poetry for a Writers Festival

This year’s Melbourne Writers Festival had an online poetry element. Each day poets were invited to join in by tweeting a poem. I, of course, had to accept the challenge and write a poem everyday. And here they are. Can you pick which one of my poems was chosen as poem of the day???




another haiku

words are like prime ministers

easy come and go



with daddy-long-legs

the conversations are short

drowned in the shower



poetry for poetry’s sake

no remuneration necessary


a small pat on the shoulder

and a slice of cake


a pot of tea

and a thank you


for brightening my day

with poetry


but really

it’s just poetry


for poetry’s sake




25 bags of mulch


exhaustion strikes


like a mosquito

on a blood run

in January



a quick word

at 2:00 am disgruntled

kookaburras chuckle

fight with the screaming

possum over the favoured

tree written in

the stars and the

moon insomnia



a tale of two card readers

when a port is not

the right port

and a reader

of cards





haiku day begins

at one with the universe

maybe not today




from under the blankets

a cry of mo{u}rning


cars drive over the bump





and the children yell

on the way to school


and the mo{u}rning

moves without me


forward and backwards in time

a dream



it comes from the west

as all change does


this taste of dirt in my mouth

a reminder of the centre


watching the extremes battle

one eye shut



father’s day

the neighbour’s new tools

destroying the silence






Copyright August/September 2018

the willow weeps for all

DSCF2588 (2)


leach the colour from your tears

the willow weeps for all


as the revolving door of leaders

decimate our one and only home


a power springs from nowhere

and  keeps the birds a-flying


the willow weeps for all

the willow weeps for all


the birds just keep a-flying

and the willow weeps for all




Copyright August 2018


Photograph by Bluebellina




DSCF1065 (2)



my little world

my me

a boa constrictor


ever tighter tightening

the breath

from between cracked ribs


my fragile neck snapping

sweet release

of pressure now relentless





Copyright August 2018






{photo taken by bluebellina in her backyard

copyright august 2017}