From Inside She Watches

from inside she watches

as the world plays on

feeling overwhelmed

by sky and clouds and the sun

and nearly eight billion people

all breathing the same air


from inside she watches

as the same patterns

repeat themselves over

cardboard cut outs of politicians

no longer pretending to govern

for more than self interest


from inside she watches

wonders how it will end

will we know when we reach

the tipping point when revolution

is the only answer or will we

die quietly as the stars go out


from inside she watches

the simple unfairness of being



Copyright June 2017


King of the Rats


he talked them into following

paid the piper for his tools

played the tune they wished to hear

and listened to the sound of little rat feet

pattering along behind him


what a pity that the tools were second rate

and the tune, a borrowed one, a fake

so sad, that the piper, having been paid

sewed seeds of doubt amongst the rats

though they still followed, with false pride


he talked them into following

but gave no thought to how he’d feed them

when he stopped piping and they gathered in expectation

he only listened to a private tune

the one where he was king of all the rats



Copyright May 2017