The Flood: after effects


throughout the inundation

she managed to keep it all together

others did not fare so well


across the night sky

the clouds angrily fluttered on

cried their rage upon the land


after many nights of rain

forty it was believed to be

the beasts began to venture out


discovering her upon the ark

in a rage they tore apart

her heart devoured by rib of man



Copyright March 2017


I thought that love shone from your eyes

until the day I saw through the looking glass

glimpsed the backwards brain inside

realised that narcissism knows no bounds

you’d be gazing in still waters forever



Copyright November 2016

The Little Things

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that give us away, like planting a jasmine vine right near the compost heap or failing to put the shovel back in it’s marked place in the shed.

Maria’s Mother-in-Law knew that her son disliked white flowers and would never leave tools out in the rain so it came as no surprise when, after days of rain, his body emerged from the back garden.

On the way to the Police Station Maria cursed her stupidity in not digging the grave that little bit deeper.



Copyright October 2016