Mission Improbable

if I had a superpower

I’d like to have the ability

to mute the world without vote


imagine the silence

as we spin through the universe

recharged batteries remote


the empty mouths praying for no one

my designated mission improbable

would self destruct in a mote




Copyright January 2019


An Ideal World

In an ideal world

the neighbours would self combust

traffic would be banned from my street

and my house would expand with every new book

In an ideal world

I would own the house next door

build a gate in the fence

and keep it locked



copyright may 2016

The Silent Knight

At first I thought you were a knight

As you came riding into sight

You sat upon your horse so still

Your silence nearly sapped my will


You gazed at me with eyes so blue

I felt as if you really knew

When my heart skipped a beat and still

Your silence nearly sapped my will


You knelt upon the grass so green

A gallant sight I’d never seen

Beseeched me with your eyes until

Your silence nearly sapped my will


You’ve been dead now for forty years

And I have shed all of my tears

Of sorrow now I’ve had my fill

Your silence has now sapped my will


Copyright Dec 2012