I’ve Stopped

I don’t want to read anymore

for the wind blows

and the rain falls on hollow ears

I’ve stopped listening to the trees


my skin itches as the ants creep

circumnavigating the house

intent on a mission from gaia or god

I’ve stopped worrying about the ants


a single drop of sweat dances

erratically down my right thigh

it’s the humidity, you know, not the heat

I’ve stopped thinking about climate change


my heart still beats despite the years

sending blood to lost extremities

my gaze has centred somewhere within

I’ve stopped wishing for better days




Copyright March 2019


Mixed Up Morning


I know

that you know

that I know

I have a mental illness

Do you know what that means?

You do! Fantastic!


Then why do you expect me

to think

to act

to react

to be

your rational


my mind works

in mysterious ways

even I know that

if you expect me

to understand you

then you can at least admit

that you don’t

understand me

{not really}



Copyright March 2017