January the 10th

It’s hard to know who to believe

Who shot the plane down?

Years of mystery reading says

Who benefits?

Or was it just a jumpy finger

an accident after all

Funny – I always thought

the leader of the free world

would have the itchy finger

And I still don’t know who benefits

except for rich men

selling arms

to morons


Copyright January 2020


Note: I wrote this poem before the Iranians admitted their guilt.

Human Nature


if all the young people died overnight

would the eighty year olds send the fifty year olds

off to war?


she sat on the couch, watched the news

sipped her tea and decided YES


it was inevitable

like the death of our species

fifty years later


musing on the fall of empires


she baked a cake


in celebration


of nature


and other nasty things




Copyright May 2017