The Taste of Words


her brain creates stories

out of patches of sunlight

purple and green ribbons

and the aroma of cinnamon

sprinkled on honeyed hot chocolate


some days she spices it up

with ginger and a pinch of chilli

the tales become hot and steamy

and she requires a fan

to cool her flushed overactive mind


in more rational times

she writes cool minty tomes

where facts align themselves

in neat parallel rows

all syllables are counted



Copyright June 2017


Popping The Cherry


except for the two cats under an umbrella

the page is empty and somewhat intimidating

a new notebook needs to be broken in

a few scribblings out of thoughts gone awry


earlier the phone rang and rang and no one left a message

I did not have the urge to answer

the effort required to speak is greater than

{in inverse relation to} the efforts of pen


Copyright May 2017