It’s quiet tonight

as I sit in my armchair and write

behind me the door to the garden is open

but I do not sneak a look

would that I had closed the door

and pulled the curtains across earlier

for then I could pretend

that the zombies ambling along from side to side

were in someone else’s garden

and not waiting to suck my brains

when I close up for the night



Copyright October 2016





This was to be the very last story she would write. Felicity sat at her computer writing a 5000 word vampire story for Twilight Teen Magazine. Little did she know, as her characters met and fell in love, that outside her house the world was changing forever. A plague had hit the earth. The zombie apocalypse was upon them.

Years later Felicity could barely marvel that zombiism had walked in on them with little ratty feet, as had every plague in the past. Fleas carried the key to change on the backs of rats. Three-quarters of the world’s population were effected. Some, like Felicity, became uber-zombies, stronger, smarter, faster than before. If she didn’t have the rotting flesh and an urge for brains on toast she’d believe that life was good.

Amongst the one-quarter of the world not changed were scientists of some renown. At first they worked on a cure. It soon became apparent there was no cure, so they switched to a zombiicide instead. It took a few years but was eventually tested and pronounced effective.

One day Felicity and her fellow zombies heard crop duster planes in the air and were sprayed with a mysterious substance. They were all dead by the end of the week. The humans buried them deep.

With three quarters of the world’s population gone carbon levels began to drop. The oceans started to cool and the number of animals increased. The world became a more dangerous place as tigers and bears thrived, simple replacing zombies as a threat. Felicity would’ve laughed at the irony.

Copyright April 2013

Monstrous Mind

In a fit of self loathing

I chopped off all my hair

Overnight it grew straight back

As my vampire genes kicked in

And rectified

All yesterday’s mistakes


This anxious self

Adrift in the blood

Of tomorrow’s depression

Aware of all inadequacies

Before they manifest

As demons fully grown


Myself a trembling zombie

Trapped under the expectations

Of pitiless everyday

Remorselessly shuffling

Back and forth, back and forth

As vital bits decay


Vampires, demons, zombies

Prowl my monstrous mind

Fighting for supremacy

Over thoughts of every kind


Copyright Feb 2013