July’s {rejected} Furious Fiction

In Sync




… and…cut!

But where to put it now? This wasn’t supposed to be a marriage of minds.

Should I place my vows under or over Nicholas’s?

The cursor blinks.

I blink back but not in sync.

Think. Think! The voice urges.

The cursor blinks again and I quickly press the button.


It is done.

We are married.

At the blink of a cursor.

For richer or poorer.

For better or for worse.

In sickness and health.

And here comes the vicar to chop off your head!

Unless you remembered to put in the bit about obeying and then you’ll be all right!

Thumbs up emoji.




I wait.

And play Pyramid.

I have a score of 2568.

I am the best in the world.

For the moment.

Pierre has a nasty habit of beating my score on a Sunday night before it all starts again on Monday morning.

My all-time best score is 2572.


Between bouts of Pyramid my email ka-pings.

The Marriage Certificate.

It is official.

We are legally married.


The second email ka-pings.

Photographs of me and Nicholas.


In love.


We have never met.

Doctored proof.



Another ka-ping.


A lot of money.

An off-shore account.


I type.

Account numbers.


Hidden things.




I’m married.


Back to Pyramid.

The honeymoon is over.

The cursor blinks.

I blink back.

In sync.




The End.