26th of January


I wish I’d been born in another country

one where I could celebrate my birth

without the guilt of association

with the date





Copyright January 2020

January 25th

lost in my own misery

I’m even boring myself


I feel like a misaligned amoeba


no shape, no form, no idea


my view of the world

and my place in it

has dimmed to 4 walls

and two fans trying to trick the summer


tomorrow I will be older

but will still be myself

boring git and all



Copyright January 2020


Voices of Infinite Space

the voices tonight

one screams at full pitch

whilst the other gleefully

explains all the things that need doing

they’re in my bedroom


here I am, not in my bedroom

trying to close the door

get thee gone – to a nunnery!

the third voice – mine


I’m quite sure they won’t be accepted

in that nunnery or a nutshell

voices of infinite space


besides – they are my voices

have been forever




Copyright January 2020