The Bat

It’s quiet tonight. The bat who eats the berries must’ve eaten them all last night. Now no seeds fall and no wings flap and no sounds of a bat seeking sustenance fly into my room.

It’s lonely tonight without the bat.

Upside down my view

Stars falling through my window

Hungry bat and me


Copyright September 2019

Long Live The Queen

he calls me Princess

his lack of knowledge astounds me

I am nothing less than a Queen

and he should know his rightful place

does not entitle mansplaining


I’m not listening anyway

my mind chatters away to itself

it has no need of lectures from without

I smile and say “The King is dead!”

“Long live the Queen!”


Copyright December 2016


New Year’s Day

I feel the breeze

of settled summer

sweep away doubts

from distant December

one day back

and a whole year away

myself a janus girl

the lure of the new year

reeling in my day of birth

still weeks away in fact

but celebrated daily

with every stinking breath

rattling in the lungs

of my two heads



copyright January 2016

If I Could Only Flee

Advent Poems Day Seventeen


If I could only lose my head

When others all around me

Keep theirs firmly on

Then I could feel the bliss

Of genuine selfishness

To scream and stamp and cry

Writhe and roll in wild abandon

Like an overtired child

If I could only lose my head

Deny all thoughts of responsibility

View the world as me me me


If I could only flee



Copyright December 2013